Top 5 destinations in India for Healthy Medical Vacations.



India is ranked amongst the top most medical tourist destination in world.We should thanks to the availability of cheap medical treatments with world class facilities. India is no where lesser than the already developed countries like UK and US.

India is catching the attraction of foreigner tourists for medical tours destinations and health trips. There is one more reason to attract such traffic is the natural and untouched beauty of certain places in India, and team of doctors and nursing staff is much more caring than that of other countries.India is a hub of Naturopathy and Ayurveda. Many NRI preferred to get themselves treated in India.

CHENNAI is ranked as one of the most preferred medical tourist destination in India.It nearly draws upto 40% of medical tourism of India.Chennai has excellent medical facility, staff that too at a low cost.Multi specialty hospitals in chennai attracts nearly 200 foreign patients in a day.Chennai offers superb South Indian food and it is generally considered as healthy.

DELHI¬†recently announced as Financial Capital of India is growing day after day and is second most popular destination for medical treatments. If you are under going a surgery in Delhi you can have alot of things to do while recovering. Delhi is India’s capital and hence has advanced and modern markets, museum, historical buildings, cultural galleries to explore. And to your surprise Delhi will soon have its own Madam Tussauds Museum in Connaugth Place. Apart from this In Delhi, government has opened some Mohalla Clinics in which a patient is treated free of cost and provided with the medicine by very good doctors, even some Mohalla clinics have come up with a concept of medicine ATM.Delhi has numerous multi specialty¬†hospitals perfect for your treatment.


Maximum number of flights take off from Mumbai because the city connects to major airports in the world.The city is too advanced and ranked second as financial capital of India.Mumbai has world class hospitals and medical facilities.Best for pregnancy treatment, cosmetic surgeries, weight management of so. Moreover Mumbai is surrounded by sea which is really soothing for anybody who is undergoing some kind of medical recovery.


Bangalore is known as a garden city and IT hub. It has extremely modern equipment in hospital for treatments. Not only allopathy medical treatment it has Naturopathy and various traditional massage centers all across.Bangalore can be a good choice if you want to undergone a treatments and for its recovery too. It has most experienced massage therapists in the world. Garden city allows you to relax and spend leisure time with yourself.


Preferred by many Asians, Russians and Germans for tourism, Goa is no where less in medical tourism.Private Hospitals has special facilities for foreign patients.Natural warm environment of goa attract many tourists for health vacations.