Peanut butter, Healthy or Not ?


Peanut Butter is made from roasted, refined and peeled peanuts in addition with hydrogenated vegetable oil and sweetener . It is gaining enormous popularity and replacing the regular yellow butter even in traditional household. The composition of peanut butter is way too different from that of dairy butter . Peanut butter has approx 550 calories whereas butter has approx 720 calories almost 170 calories more. Calorie consumption definitely affects our body but if you consume less calories there are chances of lesser harmful effects.


Peanut butter comes in two from Smooth and Crunchy, The crunchy one has some granules of grounded peanuts in it and vice a versa.The taste of peanut butter primarily depends upon which brand you are using but since it is made from peanuts the taste is also very nutty.


The above chart depicts the nutritional value of peanut butter. This seems very convincing right? Actually they are, however everything that is a butter, oil or from similar family obviously has fat but it depends how healthy that fat is.

  • Peanut Butter is good for weight loss because it suppresses your hunger.Peanut butter has fiber and Protein contents it makes you feel full without letting you get fat.
  • Peanut has got good fat and your heart loves it. Peanut butter has got monounsaturated fat, it is very good as compared to saturated fat or carbohydrates. Don’t put much effort in buying low fat peanut butters because the calories are same in regular peanut butter and low fat peanut butter due to added ingredients.
  • Filled with Nutrients. The above chart will give you more clarity on this point.
  • Protection against Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Impairment. Due to high level of niacin, peanut butter saves you from this diseases upto an extent.
  • Lowers Type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that peanut butter helps in lowering type 2 diabetes. Source : Journal of the American Medical Association. Load your bread with peanut butter and gulp it to have a healthy ride.

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