Lipsticks! Good or Not So Good?


Our love for Lipsticks is eternal. Applying lipstick gets you a total transformation of looks. The Shades of your lipsticks decide whether you will look sexy, charming, decent, elegant or natural. Don’t you think we have given so much authority to our lip shades? Have we ever wondered like what lipstick we are using is actually good, what are the ingredients used to make it? Well very few of us go so beyond to think over the composition of our lipsticks.

I am sorry Ladies I am going to unveil some dangerous truth about your lipsticks.


Have you ever wondered where your lipstick goes after a few hours? Well my dears, your lipstick is eaten up by you only along with your foods and drinks.We tend to swallow a bit of lipstick every time we eat or drink. This can be dangerous because Studies have revealed that lipstick contains harmful metal like Lead and Aluminium.These disastrous metal can cause too much harm to us. Lead can badly effect nervous and hormonal system.

Lips Pigmentation can also be affected by Lipsticks as they contain chemical which causes irritation and dryness over your lips. Also while buying lipsticks keep an eye over the expiry date.


For high rates of product use (above the 95th percentile) the percentages of samples with estimated metal intakes exceeding ADIs were 3% for aluminum, 68% for chromium, and 22% for manganese” 

It is not an acceptable daily intake of lead. There is no minimum advisable quantity of lead consumption. Lead even in smallest of quants can be dangerous. Some countries put ban on using cadmium, chromium or lead in any levels in cosmetics.

No consumer has so far demanded the ingredients to be mentioned on the packet of your lipstick. This is the need of hour for the companies to mark composition of lipsticks on the packs because even some of the top nodge brands are not spared from this.

Well this article is not written to cause any worry among lipstick lover as I am one of you. Lipsticks are safe for those who use it seldom or once in a day. It is an advise to go for good brands like: MAC, Estee lauder They are a bit expensive but they are better and safe. Many companies like : Lotus herbals have come up with the concept of herbal lipsticks which are natural and safe to use.

So switch from your regular brands to safer options available in market. And never sleep your make up on. Always clean your face before you go to bed even if you don’t apply lipsticks.


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